Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LCMS Convention 7-12-10

Dear fellow workers in God’s Kingdom at St. Paul’s,

Monday was a very intense day. The floor committee on restructuring continued its report until late morning. Then the delegates began voting on the proposals. Strangely, the motion to change the constitutional requirement that the Synod meet in convention every three years to every four years, which would say the congregations about one million dollars, did receive a majority of votes but failed because it needed a 2/3rds majority.

The following resolutions only needed a simple majority and they passed. These included to restructure the Synod into only two program boards, one for national ministries and one for international ministries; that every congregation vote for the Synodical President; and that the President elect then picks five candidates to be voted on for his 1st Vice President.

As you read this you might ask, “Is this all that was done in one day?” You must remember that each of these included lots discussion, and I mean lots and lots of discussion, as well as mega amounts of questions, and unfortunately, some political maneuvering. President Kieschnick’s humorous comments kept us in good spirits. Sadly, there seems to be some who fail to realize that the word “synod” means walking together. It appears that about 52% support our current President, Rev. Dr. Kieschnick, and around 48% do not.

While the election for the President is Tuesday afternoon, I will predict that Dr. Kieschnick will be re-elected!

Monday’s agenda including two uplifting devotions: one starting the day and one after lunch when the convention reconvened. And the Bible study for the day was another fantastic study on forgiveness.

At the end of the day’s business the delegates were invited to go into the hall next to where we were meeting and visit the exhibitions of the various ministries of Synod. I had already walked around the displays yesterday, so tonight I helped out at the LCMS Foundation’s exhibition.

Then around 7:30 pm, Tom Ries and I went on a 45 minute walk through the downtown streets. It seemed as though the day had cooled down considerably, but when we passed a bank with the temperature displayed on its sign, I suddenly felt warm. It read 89 degrees!

Keep me in your prayers as you are in mine.

God bless,

Pastor George

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