Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Convention - Tuesday 7-13-10

Dear Redeemed,

This will be my last blog note on the LCMS Convention. You can still keep up with Convention events daily by going to the LCMS Website and look for the link on the Convention.

The elections were a bit of a surprise to many, including myself. Rev. Matthew Harrison was elected on the first ballot, gaining 54% of the votes. All of incumbent vice presidents were not reelected except for Rev. Dr. Paul Maier.

Rev. Harrison has served our Synod well over the last nine years as the Executive Director of Lutheran World Relief and Human Care. (Not to be confused with Lutheran World Relief that is headquartered here in Baltimore.) As Chairman of the LCMS Foundation’s Board of Trustees, I have personally worked with Rev. Harrison. For seven years the Foundation was responsible for raising money to fund their budgetary needs. We had a number of meetings together as the Foundation worked hard to meet their budgetary goals.

We pray for his success as our Synodical President for the next three years and pledge our support to his leadership. We also thank Rev. Dr. Jerry Kieschnick and all of the outgoing vice presidents for their outstanding service to our LORD and His Church.

Today, (Wednesday) I am in the office at St. Paul’s. Tomorrow morning I will leave with ten of our high school youth and two adult chaperones to attend the LCMS National Youth Gathering (NYG) in New Orleans. You can keep up with our daily events on this blog site.

The Youth attending the NYG include: Jessica Blucher, Danielle Dishop, Brian Hiltner, Robert Jaseph, Sean Jones, Doug Shenton, Tim Steward, Jeffrey Sullivan, Michael Swiger, and Bayley Warther. The other two chaperones are Leslie Jaseph and Crystal Jones. Please keep us in your prayers, as you will be in ours!

God bless,

Pastor George

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