Friday, August 27, 2010

homeward bound

Vacations are great and mine was very relaxing and enjoyable. Will be home soon and back to work Monday. I was honored and privileged to have been asked to perform the wedding of a former member. She is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Utica, Michigan. When she was a teenager she came to me for spiritual advice. Sometimes you never know how the Holy Spirit uses you to touch a person or guide and direct him or her to walk with Jesus and change his or her life. Apparenty what I told her changed her life for the better and she wanted me to share the Word with her at her wedding.

Julie and I turned the treke to Michigan into a much needed vacation. We also went to Lansing, Frankenmuth, Pigeon, as well as to our son's delightful Bed and Breakfast in Millersburg, Ohio.

Have you ever learned that the Holy Spirit used your words helped change a person's life for the better? If so, let me know about it.


Pastor George